Issues | Democrat Derek Armstead: The Change Linden Needs


Derek Armstead — Democrat for Mayor — and James Moore — Democrat for Council President — have a plan for creating jobs plus non-tax city revenue, smart transit oriented development in downtown, illegal handgun & crime reduction strategy, streamlined government operations without losing Linden’s community connection.

Turning polluted land into new industrial plants for manufacturing solar panels & electric cars would create good jobs plus generate a new non-tax source of revenue for the city. Working with global corporations that currently operate here, Linden can leverage financing to take the lead in clean technology manufacturing and market products that are dearly needed.

Our train station is an asset that has been neglected, even as neighboring communities have used their rail depot as a foundation for redevelopment funded by private investors. We can no longer wait something to happen while unemployed homeowners face foreclosure. Armstead & Moore will take action to get development moving.

Crime is always a serious concern, but easy access to deadly illegal handguns has helped to rapidly threaten quiet neighborhoods with tragic consequences. Street gangs are no longer a teen phemonenon, but a new and violent form of organized crime centered on drug trafficking. To respond to these twin dangers, Armstead & Moore will apply their unique abilities to making us safe.

Linden has a uniquely localized form of government, with eleven council members, ten selected from small neighborhoods. A centrally-controlled dictatorship could be more efficient, but it would not be more democratic and might not actually work better. We do not need to change the form of government, we need to elect leaders who can exert leadership, build a consensus and get results.

There are no easy answers, but Americans know we do not improve things by throwing away democracy or waiting for some future political success.

Linden needs leadership now to develop creative solutions to urgent problems, such as high taxes, unemployment and crime. Derek Armstead, James Moore and their Democratic Team are the change Linden needs.

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