Hands Off Social Security! | Democrat Derek Armstead: The Change Linden Needs

Hands Off Social Security!

No increased retirement age.

No privatization.

No Social Security cuts.

Social Security is strong for the long term and the national retirement system is not contributing to the deficit. People who say otherwise are not telling the truth.

As part of the Strengthen Social Security…Don’t Cut It coalition, Linden Democrats are opposing any plans for benefit cuts and pledging to fight moves for raising the retirement age.

  • Tell Congress: Hands off Social Security!
  • Read about a study that shows what would happen to America’s middle class if Congress cuts benefits and raises the retirement age.
  • The Alliance for Retired Americans wants to hear how Social Security has made a difference for you.
  • Get the facts on Social Security. Download charts, grafs and PDF files here.
  • Find out about other Americans and how Social Security made a difference in their lives.
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