Democrat Derek Armstead: The Change Linden Needs


Democrat Derek Armstead is working to bring progressive change to Linden, and we are pleased that you took the time to visit our website.

Democratic Mayor Derek Armstead has earned a reputation for keeping open lines of communication with Linden citizens and members of the business community.  There are links provided at the top of this page and on the each side, and don’t forget to check out this special message from President Obama.

We hope you enjoy reading about where we stand on the issues or participating in our effort as a volunteer or donor.   You can find a number of ways to be a part of our team on our Action page, while the News section features information about who we are and why we want to lead Linden.

While you to look around and try out various features, please tell us what you like about our online campaign headquarters. Offer suggestions about improvements or additions you would like to see.

Most of all, remember that this is a tool that can help you reach out to your elected servants and connect to municipal services.

More information will go live in the near future, and this site is expected
to frequently change — so check back with us often.

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Derek Armstead
The change Linden needs

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